Apr 2, 2009

Two Movies In A Row - Missin' Pinoy Flicks

I'm not really fond of Pinoy movies until I got here in the US. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them and I'm proud of the Filipino talents. It's just that most of the movies, or shall I say the movies before and some now, are so predictable. But it's not a generalization. There are lots of Pinoy movies that are good too, but I guess it's just a typical Filipino mentality to not love their own. Just an opinion.

Anyway, I was so excited earlier when I finally received the DVDs that I ordered online. They're all Filipino movies. I miss Pinoy movies so much that I just want to have a movie marathon with them. I got 4 DVDs but of course, I wasn't able to watch all of them. My son wouldn't let me (hehe), so I only watched two today.
I first watched this movie, For The First Time, starring KC Concepcion and Richard Guttierrez.

I'm surprised why most people said that KC didn't do good in the movie. Actually, for me, she did pretty well considering that she's a newbie. Yes, she may be the Mega's daughter but it wasn't the mega acting, it was KC. For me, she did better than what I was expecting. I was more surprised with Richard's acting though. I still think that he can do so much better with acting.

But the movie is a so-so. I just like it because KC's there and I like her. The story is somewhat good but the flow isn't. It's like it has so many endings, then it would start again. So, my overall rating, just 3/5.

Then, I also watched One True Love, starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. It is a really dramatic movie, so it's expected to be boring unless you wanna pay attention to the movie, and I suggest you should cos it has a very good story. I'd rate this movie 5/5 cos it pulled tears from my eyes (lol).

Of course, the actors are good too. Marian Rivera is really a shining star and I am always impress by her acting skills.

So, if you haven't watched this movie yet, I hope that my short reviews would help.

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