Apr 16, 2009

Very weird dream

I woke up earlier, around noon (yes, I'm a late-riser) with a weird dream. My dream was about the second book/series of the movie Twilight--the most popular vampire movie today--New Moon. What's weird about it is I was in the movie itself as Bella (I know it sound funny but it was really my dream). I wasn't fat in the movie, it seemed like I took a very effective weight loss product, and I had the same body as Bella (haha!). I can't remember my whole dream but it was all about it. And another weird thing is, I'd wake up for a few seconds then back to sleep and my dream would just continue.

I told my husband about it and yeah, you're right, he just laughed at me and said that I should get that Twilight book cos he knew how much I wanted to own one. Maybe that dream was caused by too much anticipation of getting the book and being able to read it.

Beauty of Life


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