Dec 30, 2008

Spy your phone

If you want to know everything's going on through your phone, you can now do it with the special telephone, Phone-007 that has a built-in spy bug. You can record any phone calls anytime or any room conversations and listen to them anytime and anywhere. It has a secret recording button that can be use to record a phone call and there's a secret microphone to record the room conversations.

Each time the Phone-007 recording feature is on, you will receive a text message, email, or phone call to let you know that someone is currently using your phone or having a conversation in the room where the phone is and it is being recorded automatically. You can then eavesdrop on the conversation that is taking place by calling a Phone-007 access number or you can retrieve the recorded conversations anytime you want by going to Phone-007 website or on your own Phone-007 phone.

Is that cool? But hey! I'm not yet done. You can also use the Phone-007 in the US, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, and most part of Asia in a low flat monthly rate fee. Now, that is cool!

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  1. hi Jona my first contest has start

  2. Well, let me try this first.. and i will inform u later...