Dec 5, 2008

So long, Tatay Benhur...

A text message woke me up early this morning. It was from my Mom and it is a bad news. Benhur, a friend, used to be my teammate in Fighting Irish Team (Chat Group), and a workmate in Concentrix (formerly known as Link2Support), has passed away in the dawn of December 5th while he was at work.

It is so sad to know that someone you know and who is used to be close to you died.

Tatay Benhur. I can always remember him as a fun-loving, naughty, and a good friend. He is one of a kind, I can say. A faithful husband and a loving father to his two cute boys. He loves his family to death. We know that coz he talks about them a lot. Hardworking. He is such as good man. Everyone can say that.

No, he is not as old as what you think he is coz I call him Tatay. He is in his mid-forties. I only call him Tatay coz he is the oldest in our group. But he looks young despite of his age coz he loves to smile. He seldom talks about his problem so you'd almost think that he doesn't have one.

"Tatay, though you left the immortal world, but your memories remains with us, always will, especially those happy times that you share with us all. Your unique way of making us laugh in our stomach would never be forgotten. We love you Tatay. So long ..."

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