Dec 2, 2008

Paris made the right choice

I have been watching Paris Hilton's My New BFF series on MTV eversince it started. It started with 18 wanna-be-Paris's-BFF guys and gals, but last week, two were left: Britney from Boston and Vanessa from Alaska (no, they're not Britney Spears and Vanessa Williams. lol!). Earlier today was the season finale and honestly, it is making me nervous too (yeah, you can call me nuts!).

I was disappointed that she chose Vanessa over Shelley from Texas. I never liked Vanessa because, just like what the contestants was telling about her, she is just an obsessed fan of Paris. I guess everyone sae that except Paris. She was blinded with Vanessa's crying, really. Paris is emotional and she is so vulnerable.

Shelley, on the other hand, is a nice girl from a small town in Texas. Nice is always the first one work anyone can say about her. She is nothing but nice though and everyone says that she is boring, except for me. I like her because no one hates her. She is the only one among the contestants that doesn't have enemy.

But anyway, Vanessa and Britney are competing against each other to be Paris's BFF. They both had the chance to show to Paris who deserves to win because each of them will spend a whole day with Paris in New York.

But in the long run, I am so glad that Britney won. I never liked Vanessa, she is a stalker and she proved it a lot of times. Paris doesn't need her. Britney is a cool rock star who is always mistaken as using Paris to fulfill her dreams.

One thing I can say to Paris, you made the right choice girl. Luv yah! Hop to TTYL with you (grin).

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