Dec 5, 2008

I can see clearly now

Yesterday, I had my very first eye exam here in the US. That is why I wasn't able to update my blogs coz me and my family had been out almost all day.

Anyway, my eye exam went well except for I didn't have the prescription for my contact lenses yet coz the doctor can't determine which one suits me best until I tried couple more toric contact lenses that he is suggesting.

I am nearsighted and I have astigmatism as well. That is why I need toric contact lenses coz that type of lenses will correct astigmatism. I tried one brand of toric but I didn't like it (or I don't like toric at all) coz it is more thicker and bigger than the normal contact lenses that I am used to wear. But I know that it is what I needed. So, my eye doctor gave me two contact lenses, the normal and the toric, so that I can decide which one I really like.

For now, I am contented with the normal one though I know that the toric can let me see clearer. I am now wearing an opti-free contact lenses which is best for someone who is lazy like me who doesn't normally remove their contact lenses at night when going to bed coz this type of contact lenses can let the eyes breath and get some oxygen. Though all doctors would still suggest to remove contact lenses before sleeping or let eyes rest from contact lenses at least six hours, but if we don't do as what they say, opti-free contact lenses is best for us.

Right now, the eye clinic where I went to has only one brand of toric contact lenses that suits me. But he wants me to try couple more brands which are cheaper than any other toric but they don't have it right at this instance. So, he ordered some from the manufacturer which means that I need to see him again once it arrives in his clinic. By that time, I'd know which one should be prescribed to me.

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