Dec 23, 2008

Check Your Blog Page Speed

One of the most important thing to consider in getting more traffic is the speed of your page because when your page loads slowly, your visitor will leave your page before they even view your content. So, you need to make sure that before your visitor leave (or not even letting them leave), they know how interesting your page is by knowing your content.

Earlier, I checked my blog's speed using Stopwatch that is recommended by blogger. I was so shocked and disappointed that my page took more than 5 minutes to load. So, I deleted some widgets that I don't really need and reduced the blog posts displayed. I ran Stopwatch again and guess what? My page loaded completely in 13 seconds.

The following are some things that may cause your page's speed to load slowly:
Number of posts displayed
My page used to have 10 posts displayed and I lowered it down to 6 which helped a lot. Yeah, I can relate to you when you say that you wanted to show a lot of posts to attract your readers. If your readers are patient enough to wait for your page to load, that's one thing but take note that most readers are not like that. So, just make sure that you always have an interesting topic posted which is always the key to more readers and traffic.

I think this is the most common one. Don't put too much widget on your sidebar. Normally, it helps a lot if you put your widgets on the bottom of the page. But I won't suggest that. I'd suggest that you select the best widgets that you needed the most and beneficial to your blog and reader.

Media content
True that we need to put some images and videos on our pages to attract visitors, but again, don't overdo it. You may put a thumbnail of an image then provide a link to the exact size of it. Basically, you can still post image and video but have it smaller so that it won't affect your page's speed that much.

If you are worried that your page loads slowly, then you need to clean up your pages. You can run Stopwatch for you to know which widget takes a lot of time to load or is causing your page to load slowly.

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  1. thank you for sharing I am testing it out on my contest blog.

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