Dec 29, 2008

Best Gift For This Holiday

This time of the year is always known to be the season for giving. It always feels good to be able to give to someone who is/are in need. Nothing can compare the feeling of seeing someone's happiness because of simple things in this life.

The following video is inspired by a true story of an American soldier, who sacrificed by being away from his loved ones so that he can save his country. They are always considered as the hero of the nation. So, while we celebrate our Holiday season with our loved ones, have we thought about our soldiers and their own families being away from each other? They know they won't be together to celebrate the best time of the year, so all they wanted is to be able to provide their loved ones their needs to somehow ease the pain of not being together.

Make our heroes happy by donating to Sears Heroes at Home program. It is a program established by Sears to provide support to the American soldiers, their family, and veterans by the help of some non-profit organizations. Donations made is not tax-deductible and will be given as a gift card equally to all registered families.

You can give any amount you wanted online by clicking the link provided above to fulfill our heroes wishes for this holiday season.

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