Dec 8, 2008

Me and My Weird Taste Buds

My husband thinks that I have a weird taste buds coz I like weird combination of foods just like pizza and tacos with ketchup. I know I am not alone for liking this combination. I think my sister-in-law is weirder than me coz she likes pizza with ranch dressing. Though I really think that sometimes I am weird. Just like last night, I decided to eat hard-boiled eggs with tartar sauce.

It just came to my mind last night while I was eating mac and cheese. I was actually craving for pizza but can't get one so I thought of something else. Hard-boiled eggs came into my mind and then the tartar sauce. Sounds good to me so I tried it and yes, it really did taste good. Now, I have a new combination of food. You may try it and let me know how weird my taste buds are. :-)

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