Dec 2, 2008

First Impression Lasts

I had my first order from over a week ago and today was one of my orders delivered. Notice that I highlighted one. I ordered two items, a 23.6 fl oz Body Wash and Lightweight Hair Dryer. For some reason, they can't ship it both at the same time. They didn't even mention the reason. But since I am a patient customer, I let that pass.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from them telling me that there was a problem with the shipping of the second item which is the hair dryer. They said that the problem was with their distribution department and it was backordered. So, what, I'll be expecting it to arrive, I guess, two weeks from now?!

Wait, there's more. Today, when I got my package, I was totally disappointed because I had eleven sponges in the box instead of the body wash. What the hell?! Are they kidding me???

So, I called their customer service hotline and spoke a very calm representative. It's not that I wanted him to not be calm, but it seems that they are used to handling situations like what I have, A TOTAL MESS. He offered me 2 options, a refund or an express delivery of my item (3-day shipping). I chose the express delivery. So, now, let's see what would happen next.

After you rrad this post, it is up to you if you want to order from I know there can be worst than what I experienced with them, but for me, this is the WORST SERVICE I ever had in my entire life.

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