Dec 6, 2008

Not used to Winter, but I Love it

I guess, almost every part of US can feel the winter breeze now. I don't know for sure because I haven't been around the US yet, but I know for sure that it is cold here now in Texas. The temperature here, these past few days, is somewhere around 30ºF-60ºF. Remember, 32ºF is the freezing point. In the Philippines, we use Celsius instead of Farenheit which the freezing point is 0ºC.

Anyway, it is hard for me because I am not used to cold weather and it's the same for my son. But I shall say, it is better to be cold around than humid which is what we usually have in the Philippines. At first, before we went here in Texas, I was worried that we can't survive the coldness, but I was surprised to see all the things that would keep us warm. Of course, there's the winter jacket and all the other winter stuffs to wear that I have only seen here (of course, no one would want to sell winter stuffs in the Philippines when there's no winter here .. logic!). Then their airconditioner has warm and cold buttons. They also have an electric blanket that would help you keep warm the whole night if the heater in your house is not enough.

After knowing all those things, I was not worried anymore. I should've known then that if they don't have all those stuffs to keep anybody warm, then all the people here in the US shouldn't have survived winter. Oh well, I was just pessimistic about it. And somehow, I am loving the coldness.

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