Dec 23, 2008

Busy for the holidays! *wink*

We were wrapping the gifts right now. I'm just taking a break while my husband ran to the store to get more gift wrappers 'cos we ran out of it.

By the way, we don't celebrate Christmas because we are Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) and we know that there's not in the bible that says that Jesus Christ is born on December 25th. In addition, literally, when you derive the word Christmas, Christ is our Lord Jesus Christ, while mas is mass. So it doesn't actually mean birth of Christ but mass for the Christ which only Catholics would do in their church service.

Anyway, I am not making this post to talk about religion 'cos I am not really into debating about religion. You may be wondering why I am wrapping gifts when we don't celebrate Christmas. Well, actually, the gifts are not for Christmas. Starting this year, we will have our Family Day with my husband's family each December 25th. We had it on the Christmas because that's the only time that they all don't have work 'cos it's Holiday. The gifts are just special somethings that we give each other before the year ends.

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I hope you'll have a Wonderful Holiday!

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