Dec 29, 2008

Back to EC dropping

Finally, after a few months of being an inactive EC dropper, I've decided to drop some EC love on my droppers for the month of December. I have been inactive, because first, I don't have decent PC to use right now. Our laptop is still not working properly and we just can't afford to get a new one for now. That's why I am using my sister-in-law's computer which is the slowest computer I've ever used in my entire life. For some reason, her computer loads really slow and so each time I'll go to a page and drop some card, it'll take me a few minutes to see the EC gadget. It's just losing my patience each time I try. But, late this afternoon, I felt like dropping.

I'd like to thank those people who keeps dropping EC on my site(s) even if they don't receive a drop back from me and I am really sorry for that. That's why when I did my dropping earlier, I prioritize those who are in my Drop Inbox 'cos I really owe 'em alot.

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