Dec 12, 2008

My first snow ever

My first snow ever!

Last Tuesday night, December 9th, was my first snow experience. I can't believe I would be experiencing snow here in Texas because my husband keeps telling me that it rarely snow here. I was really disappointed when I heard that but there's nothing I can do. I felt better though when he told me that we will go somewhere where it'd really snow, but when? I don't know yet.

Then last Tuesday morning, it was really warm. In fact, the temperature hit the highest in December which is 81ºF. Then suddenly, around late afternoon, cold front was coming through then it rained ice in the evening. Then around 11:00 PM, it snowed!

We got so excited. In fact, me and my son went out to our porch without any coat on, just our house shirts and short pants. Was it cold? Yes, it was but we didn't feel it that time coz our excitement took over.

We immediately changed to warmer clothes, put a coat and shoes on. Then went outside with my sis-in-law, Yvonne. We all played with the snow. But it didn't last long though. It only snowed for less than an hour. Oh well, we're in Central Texas. We just got lucky that it snowed. And I am so glad that finally, after 24 years of hoping to see snow (actually, less than that coz I didn't know about snow yet when I was still a baby. hehe), I was able to feel and see it. Though it may not be the snow like in all the other states, where it's all white everywhere, but who cares? We don't even a single bit of snow in the Philippines (hehe).

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  1. OMG, I want to try snow at my country