Nov 4, 2008

Toss and Turn

Last night, I didn't have enough sleep. Actually, for the past few nights already coz of hubby's work schedule. Each time he works, he gets to close the store which makes him home around 12:00MN-2:00AM. Then I'm having hard time going to sleep until he's home coz I can think of lots of things coz of my pessimism.

Yesterday was actually my hubby's off. We went to the Outlet mall in the afternoon to do some window shopping which made us all so tired. We went to bed early, around 9:00PM and I was dozing off but can't quite go to sleep coz my son was in his sleepy-but-don't-want-to-go-to-sleep activity again. And that made me lose the need for sleep. I toss and turn, did everything I could to go to sleep to no avail. But hubby, even though so tired and sleepy, stayed up all night with me until I finally went to sleep which i think around 3:00AM.

Right, I'm still feeling miserable but need to do some blogging before I'll take my nap. I need to take the chance while my son is taking his nap too.

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