Nov 10, 2008

I think I love my hair now (lol!)

I have always been pissed about my hair coz for me it is the worst hair in the entire world. It is so dry and frizzy. Well, I somehow blame myself why my hair has become like what it is now because I haven't been taking care of it before and now I know I need to suffer and pay for it.

But, this post is not about that because I think I love my hair now. Right at this moment, my hair is not as coarse as what it is used to be. Maybe because I got the right product.

I bought new brand of shampoo and conditioner couple of weeks ago and I got a smoothing cream for curly hair and it is also for anti-frizz which what I really needed. I have been using them for couple of days already and I guess it worked this time. This what I did:

-> Shampoo my hair every other day but wash hair and put conditioner on it everyday.
-> Put the hair creme for curly hair that has anti-frizz.
-> Comb hair right after I put the cream and let it dry.
=> Don't comb hair right after it is dried coz it would cause frizziness

That's it. You can try it if you have the same problem that I had with my hair. It wasn't that hard but based on my own experience, it works great.

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