Nov 12, 2008

Hubby's embarrassing moment

This is not about embarrassing my hubby coz I would never do that, even if he'd ask me to do so. But this is about of those embarrassing and funny experiences he had when he was just a kid. If I remember it right, he was around 7 years old when this happened.

He went with his father, one day, to hunt deer and to train him on hunting deers as well. His father showed him the differences between a male and a female deer. Then, when they got home, his Mom asked him what's the differences he saw between the male and female deer, and he said "male deer is HORNY" (lol).

If you didn't get that, let me explain it to you further. The most obvious distinction of a male deer is has horns while female deer hasn't. So, that is what he saw, that's why he said Horny. Makes sense?! :-)

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