Nov 22, 2008

Lucky and Blessed

In love, always and forever.

Whenever I think about my husband, I always remember how lucky I am. No, he is not perfect. No one is. But for me, he is just next to perfect.

Sometimes, I would even ask myself why do I have to deserve a man like him. He is a really good man. Everyone can say that. Though sometimes he is a big smartass, but that is just part of him being a human (or is he? lol)

One of the things that I am lucky about for having him is his family. They are so dear to me. Eversince I met them, they always treated me as a part of their family. They loved my son like their own blood and I can always see it. No doubt about that.

There is just one word that I can describe my marriage to Mr. Andrew Wayne Kuhn, BLESSED.

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