Nov 24, 2008

Spoiled the whole thing

Have you ever experienced being in a perfect moment then all of a sudden a single thing came in the way and it spoiled everything? It sucks, right? Oh well, things happened and usually when you least expect it. But it really sucks how a simple comment or gesture can ruin everything.

Sometimes, it's really hard to think about all the things that you need to do before you do them, It doesn't always happen and it doesn't work out all the time. It is even common to happen that we may have said something that hurt someone without us being aware of it. We will just be surprise to know she already hate you for something that you don't know you did. Yeah, crazy, but it happens.

But if you have done something wrong, whether you did it intentionally to hurt somebody or not, there's only one word that should just fix everything, SORRY. For me it is magical but Dao Meng Zhi (from Meteor Garden) doesn't like saying sorry coz if we accept a simple apology as saying sorry, then police will be useless. That's his opinion though.

Anyway, I am just saying this because I just remembered something happened last night that is related to this but I will not go through it coz it's a personal matter. Thanks for reading! :-)

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