Nov 22, 2008

Getting sick again?

Oh I hate the change of climate. I hate it not because I am not used to it but because my body seemed to not liking it. I like cold weather, who doesn't? But not the cold-snow weather, just cold weather like what we have been having these past few days. But even though I love it, my body keeps telling me to hate it coz each time the weather changes like this, I will get sick. Or maybe the reason why is I am really used to it.

Like right now, I am not feeling very well. We went out yesterday and stayed outside with the cold weather for a few hours. Then when I woke up this morning, I felt like a total crap. Cough and colds has came back to me again. But I am so proud of my son though coz while I had been sick couple of times since we got here, my son, never. I hope he would stay that way coz I would never wanted him to be sick. It will drive me real nuts.

But, oh well, I am sick, but that would never stop me to blog. That is why I am making this post now. :D

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