Nov 19, 2008

Guitar Hero

Finally, I was able to play the talk-of-the-town new game Guitar Hero. My sister-in-law had just bought another Guitar Hero guitar so she has two guitars now. She really wanted me and my husband to play with her but we just can;t find time. But last Sunday, my son had stayed asleep when we got home from visiting my hubby's parents, so I finally had the chance since I didn't start my blogging that day yet. My sister-in-law invited me again before I started the blogging too and I don't want to turn her down.

I had a great fun only that since it was my first time, I couldn't get through most pf the songs that we played. I don't think it's hard though, it's only a matter of getting used to the guitar and familiarizing the buttons. But I guess I did pretty well and my sister-in-law said that I was improving based on the stats (hope

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