Nov 20, 2008

Asexuality, is it normal?

I was watching 20/20 on WeTV earlier and the topic is about weird marriage and relationship. Then they interviewed some people who are Asexual, someone who does not experience sexual attraction.

One of people that 20/20 had interviewed is the founder of Asexuality Organization on the web. He was 23 years but never had sec and never had a relationship. He said that he was never even attracted to anyone yet. The host asked him, "What if she will give a pill that would make him want sex, would he take it and have sex?". He said, "No coz I don't want to have sex.".

There was a couple who are planning to get married and they are one their guests said that they never had sex. But there was one time whne they were fooling around and suddenly felt the urge to have sex, but at that time, it never happened. Thet had sex though but only once and doesn't want to try it again. Though they quit from the asexuality organization but they still considered themselves asexual.

Asexuality is different from Celibacy. Celibacy is by choice while asexuality is something that just naturally grew in them.

I always like watching 20/20 but this topic really caught my attention. Honestly, this is the first time I've really understand asexuality. The first thing that came into my mind was "that's crap". Who would not want to have sex? Yes, sex may just be a humanly pleasure, but it's different feeling and it was clearly stated in the bible that we should engaged to it, so it is also God's commandment. Therefore, if you are married, it is a sin not to have sex with your partner. But that's my opinion and we are all entitled to it.


  1. it's impossible they don't feel the urge of doing it..

  2. I think so too. Thanks for the info. Let me look for that word. Haven't heard about it till I stumble in this blog of yours.