Nov 28, 2008

To readers that has eye problems

I am one of those who loves to read anytime, any day, and in position until I am suffering with my eye problem now and I blame my love for reading. Because I love reading so much that even when I am about to go to sleep and turn off all the lights, I would still want to read and would end up reading with a little bit of light. Then, while on my way to school, I would read in the vehicle where I can't read steadily.

I know they're not good but nothing can stop me from reading. Guess what? I still do it now as long as I can read.

If you are like me, you may like to read (or listen, rather) from an audio book. It is a book of your favorite best sellers but it comes in an audio. So instead of reading it, you can just play it and listen to it. You can even download free audio books now.

So. if you have an eye problem but still love to read, audio book is very good for you.

1 comment:

  1. I happened to have a sister whose having eye problems because of reading. Until now she always read and read. She uses contact lens for she can't clearly see what she is reading.