Nov 21, 2008

Playground Fun

We just got home from the playground. Actually, we got home then had lunch and now I am blogging again while hubby is putting our son to bed for his nap time.

At least once a week, we'd see to it that we go somewhere to have fun and bond. Normally, we'd go to a playground just like what we did today. Though it is very cold outside, but we just had a couple of shirts on to keep ourself warm and comfy.

Originally, hubby planned on going to an animal shelter to play with some dogs and cats. We already did that once and we all had fun especially after seeing a german sheperd puppy who likes my hubby so much. But this time, we hoped to go to a different animal shelter but when we got there, there was a sign that said "Authorized Personnel Only", so we assumed that we can't get inside. We tried calling them but it will only send us to an answering machine. Good thing though there is a playground nearby that shelter, so we just end up going there. Then we did some hiking since there's a hiking trail along the river there.

Even if we didn't ended up doing the things that we planned but we still had a great time together.

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