Aug 31, 2008

Blogger's New Feature


Blogger has a new cool feature again, Blog Following/Followers(however you may wanna look at it). If you have a follower, it would show on your Dashboard and just across your Blog's title the number of followers you have. You can click that icon to show who are your followers.

You can put a Gadget on your layout to let your readers follow your blog by just letting them click on Follow This Blog. Now, if you have noticed, you can see Following option when you try to add a Gadget but it is still experimental for now. According to Blogger Buzz, it should be finalized anytime next week and we can then enjoy the new feature.

It is cool to have this new feature because you would know who your fans are and know their updates too. It will give us the chance to gain more friends and readers through blogging again. Thanks to Blogger Admin for coming up with another cool and useful feature that we, Bloggers, can enjoy.

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