Aug 20, 2008

Ice Cream as Reward for Abi's Good Deeds

Ice cream is one of the rewards that we usually give to Abi if he has been a good boy, most especially at the table. We would. sometimes give him pudding (chocolate or vanilla flavor), candy bars, yogos bits, jellies, etc. everything he would do something good.

Last night, he has been behaving very well at the dinner table. He had been behave for for a few times consecutively everytime we eat our meal, so he deserves a reward for that. We gave him a Banana Split flavor ice cream and he enjoyed it so much.
Though he always wanted to have more and ended up licking his bowl off. He looks so funny he does that, so I decided to take a picture of him.

Giving a child a reward for his good deeds is, for me, a good thing, so that they'll know that he is appreciated for being a good kid. It is another way to train them on doing good things because bad things can never be rewarded and it would cause them bad as well, such as punishment.


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