Aug 31, 2008

Need to Compromise


The other day, me and my husband had a little misunderstanding. It is all about our role as husband and wife. We just got married for a little over two months, so we are still fresh and young in married life. In our case, it is normal that we would still be in the phase of adjusting our life and getting used to being with each other.

I don't know what started it all, but all I can remember is that we came to a point where we're both telling each other and we should do this and that because that is what we needed as a couple. But I was glad that we're cool now. We're now back to normal and I believe our relationship would be better now because we were able to talk about any grudges that we're holding on for each other.

Everyone knows how much I love my husband and he loves me more than I do so we really can't afford to lose each other and can't stand being mad at each other for a length of time. So, what we did is to compromise. We need to balance our time, me with my blogging and him, and him with his work and me, of course our son is included there as well.

Beauty of Life

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