Aug 25, 2008

Life of Being Married

i have been married for a little over a month now and so far I like being one. Let me just share with you my happiness as Mrs. Kuhn now.

Well, aside from having a good husband, as in responsible, understanding, someone who loves and respect me as his wife and as a person, and someone who accepts me for who and what I am and I am not, I also like the feeling that I can serve my family and make them happy by cooking for them and making our home worth-living at.

One day, I cooked my husband's favorite cookie and he thank me for doing so but I told him in return that I thank him for giving me the chance to cook, especially his favorite foods, because I always love cooking but when I was single and living with parents, I never had the chance to do so. Now that I am married, I have my own kitchen where I can cook anytime I want.

I like the thought that someone needed me, my husband and my son. I know how much they need me and I need them too. Our home would not be complete without me because I am now a wife and a mother and I am part of my husband and my son's life, as in a BIG part of their life and I like the feeling of that.

I know nothing is constant in this world, but I know too that nothing is not possible if you ask God and if He listens to you, so I am asking Him and trusting Him that my life will always be as HAPPY as this, my Family will always be as tight as this, and that LOVE will always be in US.

Thanks for reading!

Beauty of Life

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