Aug 14, 2008

The New and Improved Blogger

I just noticed some of the changes on Blogger today and I think I like how they changed it.

First, I think they changed first the Elements (which is now called Gadgets) choices under the Layout tab and Page Element subtab. As you have noticed, it is Add a Gadget now which was Add an Element before. Then they also changed the way they lost all the Gadgets and they added more.

Then, just tonight when I open my account, their Dashboard was changed too. Now, you can set your blog to be shown or hidden by just clicking the Hide or Show link accross your blog name which is cool and makes sense to those who have lots of blogs and some blogs are not being used as often.

If you'd read their blog, they're doing a project on having lots of improvement for Blogger which is good and bad. Good because they wanted it to be better and bad because they may end up changing something that we're already used to have and love having it, but whatever they end up making, I will stick to Blogger. Loyalty award!!! LOL


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