Aug 29, 2008

Are you bestfriends with GOOGLE?


I just want to share this to those who are not yet bestfriend with Google, because I am. How did Google become my bestfriend? Well, because he helped me with a lot of things. As we all know Google is a Search Engine and when you look for something, you need to search for it. Well, so far Google has never failed me yet. I guess it would never really fail because it has all the information that we needed that can be found in the Internet. But, of course, if what you're looking for is not in the Internet, don't blame Google for not giving you an information.

What I am saying here is whenever you look for something, such as stores in your area, maps, information about countries or any places, or just anything that comes in your mind, just search it on Google and you would be surprise to find what you are looking for because nowadays, almost everything can be in the Internet.

That is why I consider Google as my bestfriend because I am getting lots of information from him by just a keyword or so, so do you want to be bestfriend with Google as well? :-)

Beauty of Life

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  1. I can't imagine life without GOOGLE.