Aug 26, 2008

Crazy about airplane

My son's favorite toy is an airplane. He is so much crazy about it that he doesn't mind if his other toys are gone just as long as he still has an airplane. In fact, whatever he is holding, he would assume that it is an airplane (ie spoon, spatula, shoes, controllers, etc.).

In his grandparents house, he has lots of toys and of course, there's an airplane. There was one day that his cousins (4 and less than 2 years of age) came over to granny's house so they played together. One of them was playing with the airplane and it upsets my son because he can't play with it now. But there was a brochure that he found that has a picture of an airplane and he was contented by just looking at it. That's how crazy he is about airplane stuffs.

Beauty of Life

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