Aug 4, 2008

Me and my son, Abi

After a while, I am finally back participating on PMC's Weekly Fest. Theme for WEEK 10 is Mother and Child. Here is my entry.

This picture was taken last July 20, 2008 which is my wedding. This was after the ceremony and we have a picture taking. They asked me to pose alone but I grabbed my son because he's always a special part of me before everything else and he's the one who brought me to where I am now coz he is my angel and always my lucky charm.

This week's benefactors are and Thanks!!:-)



  1. Nice shot sa imo ug sa son..

  2. ang cute... mom and son.. naiinggit tuloy ako

  3. nice! ala bang close-up?

  4. Awww ang cute! You and your little gentleman. Yup, wala bang close up? Hehe!