Aug 12, 2008

Simple Birthday Celebration

Yesterday's my 24th birthday. It was my first birthday here in Texas with my own family, my husband and my son. We didn't have a party or whatsoever yesterday yet we had a simple celebration the day before at Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels together with my in-laws. It was my and Abi's first time at Schlitterbahn and we did surely enjoyed it.

On the same day, Abi was finally offered to the Church so we had a double celebration that day.

Mom and Yvonne had a little surprise for me. They did a chocolate cake for me. But they put it inside the cooler together with the other foods. Unfortunately, the watermelon decided to break the cake (lol!) so it didn't end up the way that it should look but it still taste good. Anyway, "It's the thought that counts" (wink).

Then on my birthday, my husband had a simple not-so-surprising(grin) surprise for me. He gave me a very nice card which has a very nice message in it and he said that he really did a research about it and not just picked a card that he thinks would be likable or anything like that. But he did buy that card a week ago and I guessed that it was for me, so a week ago I already knew that he'll be giving me a card. But I didn't see the card and haven't read what's in it until yesterday which was my birthday. So, here's goes...

Though it was not a usual celebration that I had but I am still happy because my wish from my birthday last year was to celebrate it with Andy and so this year's birthday, it did come true. And I feel blessed with what I have right now in my life, a perfect family which I always prayed to have, and that for me, that is the most important gift I could ever ask from Him.



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