Aug 11, 2008

Alforque-Matildo Nuptials

Finally, the long-time couples, Irene Aubrey "Eng-eng" Alforque and Alvin "Mats-mats" Matildo were married last 888.

They're both my schoolmates in high school and since there are only 3 sections in Laboratory school where we studied, we're all close to each other. Mats-mats was my school mate in elementary too so I've known him for quite a period of time too.

They have been sweethearts since we were in high-school, I think we were in Junior or Sophomore, I really can't remember exactly, all I know is that they have been dating since then and never had I heard that they broke up or there's a 3rd party or something. They have been faithful to each other and their relationship is always as strong as ever, that is because they're both really in love with each other. No questions ask, but you can see it in them. So, no doubt that they'd come to this stage, and finally they did.

I'm very happy for them coz they had finally brought their relationship to the next level and I can see that they will always be the couples that we've known since high school: simple, not-too-showy, but very much in love which would show by just the way they look at each other.



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