Dec 16, 2008

I'm pre-occupied as of the moment

Yes, I'm pre-occupied as of the moment. I have been very busy transferring and tweaking our website, Love In Distance. I just got very excited because finally, I was able to make use of the domain that I bought last June. Oh yeah, FINALLY! Dumb me, I just realize that GoDaddy has a Free Hosting for every domain you buy from them. So, now, I made use of that free hosting. Though, I am looking at the paid hosting too but I just can't afford it for now. Better make more money online first before I invest for another site.

Anyway, though the hosting I have now for our website is free, I am still enjoying it because I can do a lot of things there. Now, I have added a Forum page. I am still working on it though. I am not an expert about it, but I am learning. I helped a few Filipinas in their visa processing. Though I didn't do a lot for them, but I am trying my best to answer each question they have since I already experienced the same process. Hopefully, with the forum, more Filipinas who already went through the same process would be able to help other Filipinas who are planning to get their visa to be united with their loved one here in the US. And at the same time, we would be able to socialize online because we all have something in common, married to a US citizen.

I also transferred my Love In Distance ~ Blog to Blogspot so that I can easily (hopefully!) update it since most of my blogs are in Blogspot now. Only one is hosted by Wordpress actually. And thanks to BTemplates again for the Free Template. I like it so much! Now, 3 of my blogs got their templates from them. They are all so awesome.

Now, my concern is, how am I be able to keep all my sites up. Actually, my online addiction is driving me nuts. But I can't help myself. I really love to blog, make sites, explore the net, etc. If only I always have enough time. But a Mom like me? Nah...I will still do the best that I can though to be an active blogger and take care of my family at the same time.

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