Jan 26, 2009

I can't imagine life without GOOGLE

When I first heard about Google, which was, of course, a few years ago, I thought that it is just another search engine, competitor of Yahoo, but as I've spent more and more time with surfing the net and all, I've realized that the Internet wouldn't be the same if Google didn't exist. Would you agree?

I already knew this before, but just couple of weeks ago, I found out how much more I can do with Google. It's not just a normal search engine, Google is everything you can ask for ONLINE. There's E-mail (Gmail), Blogging (Blogger), Instant Messaging (Google Talk), Business (Google Checkout), Advertising (Adsense), Documenting (Google Docs), and a lot lot more. Oh trust me, I've been using Google products more than what I've mentioned and they just made my online endeavor so much easier.

It was actually, Google Docs that made me realized all the importance of Google cos since the computer that I'm using which is my sis-in-law's doesn't have Microsoft Office, and I needed to use Excel and Word. But guess what, Google Docs has online version of Microsoft Office. So so so cool! Now, I'm doing my inventory and all about my business online, without having to worry about having Microsoft Office in any computer that I'm using. I wish I should've known that way too long ago.

With iGoogle as my homepage, I can easily be updated with my favorite websites and with the weather here and my home country, Philippines. It's very easy, as in, it's just one click away.

Oh, I can't say too much wonderful words about Google, I just love using it and I can never imagine my online life without it. Thanks G! :-)

Beauty of Life


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  2. korak! ubiquitous google. an acquaintance even named their dog 'google.'

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