Jan 2, 2009

Because of the shoes

Last night, while we were traveling to home from the Church, we're tuned in to Magic --.- radio station. That's always my hubby's favorite station and had become my favorite too when I got here 'cos they play music that we can relate to or something that we both like. Anyway, while listening to it last night, they have caller who sent them an e-mail a few months back. She was telling Delilah (the DJ), on air, about the e-mail that she sent.

It was about her friend. Her friend has been married for a few years and wasn't bless with a child after their one and only son passed away. So they donated all of his son's clothes to a charity based in Japan. But a few years, they decided that they'd adopt a child and coincidentally that child that they could adopt lives in Japan. After a long process for the adoption, they finally flew to Japan to fetch their adopted child. Once they saw the child, they're so surprised to see that the child is wearing the exact shoes that she donated to the charity, which was her son's. She knew it was her son's shoes 'cos it has a name of him printed inside the shoes 'cos they were asked to do it by his teacher when he was going to school so that they can easily find the shoes in case they'll be lost.

To make the story short, a miracle happened to them. Of all the children in the charity and of all the clothes that were donated, the child that they adopted got the shoes that was once owned by their late son.

Honestly, I had goosebumps while I listened to the story. And that couple, which was the caller's friends, wasn't blessed with their own child but they were still blessed 'cos no doubt that the child they adopted was really meant for them, 'cos of the shoes.

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1 comment:

  1. wow!! what a coincidence!!
    That is God's way.
    Congrats to both of them...