Jan 19, 2009

Addicted to Friendster....again!!

I can't believe that I'm into Friendster AGAIN. I'm just at home all the time, with my son, and I just can't think of anything else to do but to be online. Then, all I usually do online is to blog. But these past few days, I'm back to friendstering again.

Well, I'm not as addicted as what I am when i first sign-up for it and when it was first became a big trend. That was way back when I was still in college. I guess it's somewhere in 2003. We used to go in an Internet cafe, with my college friends, and go online as long as we can afford to (money wise). I am such as friendster fanatic that I always have profile updates every single day, whether it could be new pictures uploaded or template is changed.

Now, I don't upload photos and change background that much but I love to post and answer surveys in the bulletin board. I just enjoy doing it. Sometimes I answer it seriously but sometimes, just to have an answer in it (hehe), but it's all about fun and I don't think the people who read them thinks that it contains 100% serious answers.

So, if you have friendster account, just visit my profile at friendster.com/jonaver and add me as your friend. I'll see ya there! :-)

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