Jan 7, 2009

She's too good to be true

I have another favorite TV show, Momma's Boys, a new show on WeTV that is shown every Thursday. Last Thursday was the first time I watched it and I don't know for sure that it was it's first day or what. Momma's Boys is a reality show where there are three young men who would try to select from about 50 girls (probably more) to be their girlfriend and my favorite part of it is, the boys' Moms would live with the girl in one house until the search is over and the guys had selected the winner.

Among those girls who wanted to win the guys' heart, they terminated about 20 (or more) of 'em that night. Then there was one girl who looks so innocent and every girls there like her so much. Among the three boys, online one wanted her to stay and know her more, but instead of staying like what all the other girls would do, she resisted 'cos there's still one girl left aside from her that the guys needs to talk to and decide whether she stays or not. If the innocent girl will stay, the other girl will automatically be terminated and that was the reason why the innocent girl refuses to stay.

Everyone cried when she said her last message to the guys. She said, "I appreciate that you wanted me to say, really, I appreciate it 'cos no one had ever said that to me, but I'm already fine with that and you deserve her than me so I can't stay", while crying.

Oh, if you'd only see her, she's like an angel. She looks so innocent and smiles sweetly. No one could ever dislike her.

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