Jan 2, 2009

Happy 51st Birthday My Beloved Mamang!

Yes, today's my beautiful mother's 51st birthday. She may doesn't want me to announce her age but I can't help it. Anyway, she does look younger than her age, right? hehe.

But unfortunately, I'm not with her right now to celebrate her birthday. I always wish I am. We are thousand miles away from each other right now. And this is her 1st birthday where I'm with her.

I remember her last year's birthday, I bought cake and ice cream for her. It was supposed to be my wedding day but was postponed for some reason. We're so tight on money that time and it was her 50th birthday. I really wanted to give her a big celebration, just like what she wanted, but we just can't afford to do it that time. But I know, she was still very happy 'cos we're still together and happy.

But today, we're not together anymore. I know how sad she is. Though I don't want to think about it 'cos it's hurting me so much, but there's nothing that we can do. We already accepted the fact about our distance though but it's still sad to think about it.

I know that a few years from now, I'd be with her to celebrate her birthday again and we can't wait for it. Just thinking about it, without any definite plans yet, makes me very excited. But for now, I'll just greet her Happy Birthday with a kiss I blew that for sure will reach her in time.

Abi, Mamang, and me of New Year 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Mamang!
I Love You So Much!

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