Jan 7, 2009

Article submission to boost SEO

Maintaining a website or blog is never easy in comes to SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Though SEO shouldn't be that important for someone who is maintaining just a personal blog like me but I am concern about it because I don't want to be the only one reading my posts. The main reason why I blog, and I guess most bloggers do, is to express my thoughts and ideas and try to inspire some people who can relate to me all around the globe. And how to do that? By working on our site's SEO.

There are lots of ways to boost SEO of one's sites. In fact, you can simply type the SEO keyword on your Google Search bar and you can see the list of good articles that talks about SEO. I have read a few articles and did their suggestions, that is why I was able to maintain my Page Rank since I got it last October.

The easiest I know though to boost your site's SEO is to submit articles. But you don't just submit articles, you need to submit GOOD articles. Something that would entice the readers to read more of your articles because that's the main way for SEO, to have good contents. The readers would search for articles in an article directory and if you submitted good article, more and more would want to read it and everything would follow.

Article submission is very easy as long as you know that you can publish good articles and it is one of the effective ways to generate SEO.

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