Jan 9, 2009

A new look for a new year

It's New Year which means a new home for us. We don't necessarily need to transfer to a new home in a new location, but what I'm saying is, giving our home with a new look. Somehow, make it a little different than the usual. The house where we are right now has always looked the same for like 10 years already, probably more. So, I wanted to give it the change.

The first thing I noticed is the old-fashioned lighting. At least for me, it is. One of my goals in giving this house a new look is for it to look modern and still comfortable to live at. Since one of the old-looking things here are the lights, I would like to replace most of them with george kovacs lighting. It's one of the most fabulous modern lights I saw when I went shopping for lighting. I also fell in love with the fine art lamps. They all look so lovely. Though I can't find a place in our to where I can put them yet but I'm pretty sure that I am going to get one.

For now, I am fixing the lighting yet and start the modern look with it. Then, I'll do more stuffs like the painting, furnitures, etc. and hoping to achieve the look that I wanted for this house. I have a lot of idea in my mind now though and I'm so excited to implement them.

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