Jan 17, 2009

Bad weather in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

It has been raining unstoppably for couple of weeks in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Due to that, it has been flooding in some part of the city too which already killed a number of people.

I am so worried about my parents 'cos they're currently residing there right now and it's just the two of them there. Though they're living in the high land part of the city but still, the weather is not good. There's just nothing I can do right now but to pray to God for their safety all the time.

I have been checking on the Internet about the latest weather forecast and I am somewhat happy of what I found.

It seems that the rained has already stopped though according to the weather forecast prediction that there will still be possibility of rain early next week but most of the time the weather is clear. I hope that the weather would stay good.

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  1. dito sa davao sinuspende ng mayor namin nung umulan the whole last thursday good thing the kids don't have class that day.

  2. Hi Jon! The weather here has improved! Finally, we had some sun today! Yahoooo!!! I hope it doesn't rain again in the next few days or so... so sick of the rain and the flood and the landslides and the whatchamacallit! hehehe Take care! :)

  3. sa tingin ko bumute nang konte ang weather sa ca g.ngayon.mga kapatid ko at nanay namih nasa cag .din