Feb 11, 2009

Toddlers in Tiaras Comment

I don't know how to start this, but here goes.

Today, I received a comment on my post Toddlers in Tiaras on my other blog, Starts at Two. The post is about my opinion about babies/kids that joins pageants cos I can relate to them cos I have been into pageants when I was just a kid too. And here is RossiPosse13's comment.

I don't see how you can sit here and tell everyone that beauty pageants are good, when they are honestly not. If a child is exposed to that much sexual behavior that has a good chance in encouraging that behavior for the rest of their lives. Child beauty pageants may also lead to depression or an eating disorder. And another thing, it can cause you a child to miss a lot of school and have such grammar problems as you. That is what beauty pageants did for you.

She/He made a point, actually. I'm not mad or anything about her comment but I actually find a way to further explain myself regarding my post. My post is just all about my own opinion but I can't believe how this commenter can give me such an insult. Anyway, I suggest that you read the post and tell me if there was a point I said that y'all put your child in pageants. Yes, I said it was good, in a way, which is true with what I've experienced cos again, I've joined pageants before and I never experienced the problems that she/he mentioned, except for the grammar problems though cos English is not my first language and I'd admit I have a few grammar lapses. But it's not about the grammar, it's the way she took my freedom of speech.

So, let me say this to ALL THE COMMENTERS out there, let's respect the author/blogger. If you can't say anything nice, just don't post your comment cos seeing a comment like this really hurts for someone being commented on. This is my first time receiving this kind of comment though and I don't know how big these kind of comments in the blogosphere. In my own opinion, bloggers are entitled to their own opinion and they don't violate any law as long as they're not saying anything against anything or anyone.

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  1. Gurl, let them be - ibog lang siguro na sya kay wala nakadaug ug beauty pageant hehehe your post for today really shocked me - i saw man gud in my blogroll na nag update ka so nag read pud ko only to find out nag asu-asu pa diay ka karon... pasagdi na sya... smile and be pretty - ayaw paapekto kay hitsuraan ta! :)

    God bless!