Feb 7, 2009

Activities day after day after day after day . . .

Honestly, I really hate staying at home cos I'm not used to it. I can remember when I was just a kid and not going to school yet, I barely stays at home the whole. I'm always found at the neighbor's house. Why? Because my parents has been working as far as I can remember and so they usually have our kind neighbor babysit me. And I never remember myself spending a day without going out from the house. But it's the exact opposite now. Do I hate it? Nope! Actually, I hate staying just at home all the time but I love being with my son the whole time. Though sometimes I wish I have my time alone and take a break from my son who can be a really terror sometimes, but generally, I like taking care of him instead of having someone else' doing it for us.

You may be asking, what we do at home 24/7? Well, as boring as it may sound but we do almost the same thing over and over again. Most of the time, I'm at the computer, blogging, earning money, and surfing with the TV on which usually on Nick Jr. channel cos my son loves their shows. If I'm not at the computer, I am watching TV with my son. I like WE, MTV, TLC, and REAL channels. So, yes, that's pretty much basically our daily activities. Am I bored? Sure is! But the fact that I've been spending most of my time (or all of my time) with my son makes me forget about boredom cos there's nothing more wonderful than seeing him grow, develop, and learn every single second of his life.

Beauty of Life


  1. same thing with my son - also loves nickelodeon. we watch it though on local TV5 since there's no cable provider yet in our place. can't enough of it so he plays games or explore nickjr.com. it's a very interactive site.
    we are really amazed how he learns by himself with surfing the internet. we can't really be bored when we are with our kids :D

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