Feb 3, 2009

Feeling Terrible

I'm sick and I feel to terrible.

I think I got it from my son cos he has been sick before me. Good thing that he's feeling well now. I'd rather be sick than seeing him sick. I just can't stand seeing him suffer.

Hahay! Now that I want to blog again, I'm not feeling well. My brain just won't function normally (I guess it always doesn't eh? lol).

You'll see me back in blogging though if I'm well and I don't feel terrible anymore.

Beauty of Life


  1. Just take your rest dear. You can blog better if you are well.

    Get well soon!

  2. I hope all be well soon..

    I would really to have hear more form you, in fact I already added you on my blog list and follow you now (I hope you do the same)..

    Also, I have an award from you at my blog..

    can't wait to hear from yuo. :) TC