Feb 10, 2009

10 months before the Holidays

I know I may sound crazy but I am already anticipating holidays again. I just love holidays, everything about it. Last year was the best holidays I ever had. Well, it may not be really the best cos it would have nicer if my parents were with me to celebrate it, but I know that one of these coming holidays, we'll be together again. I just call it the best cos it was my first holiday with my own family -- hubby and son together. And I also got some good stuffs from my new-found family, the Kuhns.

I also gave some gifts to them. I got hubby a nice watch. I originally wanted to buy the Bell and Ross watch but don't have enough cash to afford it though I still wanted to get him the one that I really like for him. But it's the thought that I always counts and I know how much he appreciated my gift for him.

Holidays is almost here again, 10 months from now (lol!).

Beauty of Life

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  1. baka wala lang siyang magawa girl, wag mo na lang pansinin. :)