Feb 17, 2009

Weird Encounter At The Park

We usually go to the park, at least once a week cos it is our family's way to bond. My son will play at the playground, while me and hubby (sometimes with Abi would join too) play frisbee, or just sit at the picnic table, eat pizza, and talk. I, actually, have my favorite park, somewhere in Round Rock, TX. It's near a small lake that has wild ducks, with tennis court, volleyball court, and playground. I like it cos I can relax by just watching the water at the lake. We also love feeding the ducks there. But if hubby's at work and Abi would want to go to the park, we'd just go to our subdivisions park which is just a five minute walk from our house.

Yesterday, me and Abi went to the park alone. He was the only one playing at the playground until a kid about his age with Grandma came about 30 minutes after we got into the park. The kid is so shy and wouldn't leave his Grandma's side while Abi's trying to grab his hand and guide him to the playground. While I was sitting down and just watching Abi confidently roam around, I ask the kid's Grandma how old is her grandson, I was so surprise with her answer, she said "Probably one and a half", then she asked me back, and I said, "Two and (paused while counting the months) five months". Then she said, "I think he is over two years now cos his birthday is on December 13. Yeah, I guess it's December 13. I'm not sure cos I'm just his Grandmother". I am so surprised cos when she is the Grandmother, she should know, right? But there could be a reason behind why she doesn't know his birthday and age. It could be the following:
-She has an old-timer's (alzheimer's) disease or memory gap;
-She wasn't told about her grandson's mother's pregnancy with that kid;
-Worst is, he may not be her grandson at all.

I got those opinions from hubby and my sis-in-law when I told 'em about it. But anyhow, it may be none of my business but I just felt so weird when I had that encounter with that old woman.

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