Feb 10, 2009

The Trip

We have a very interesting day yesterday. Something that we don't want to happen again though.

Well, yesterday was my hubby's off so we decided to do some shopping cos we needed some things for the house. Before we left the house, I made sure that I didn't forgot anything. Double-checked the things that we needed to bring and do, then leave. But after couple of hours, I remember that I forgot to bring milk for our son. Yeah, he's a 2-year-old but he still has his milk, in a bottle. Anyway, we went back home and got his milk then we're on our way to the store again until I realized that I forgot my phone. Oh...me and my amnesia again. I just can't never leave the house without forgetting anything. That was the last thing that I forgot from the house though so finally was able to reach the store and did our shopping.

We left the store and pretty much confident that we got everything we wanted from there, until when we are almost home, hubby remembered that we need to get Grohe faucets cos we needed to replace some of ours. This time, it wasn't me having the amnesia, it's him.

I always hate it when those things happen but oh well, we finally got everything we wanted and needed, got home and never forgot anything.

Beauty of Life

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