Jan 10, 2008

Tips for prettiness

--> Drink plenty of water each day, and eat nutritious foods such as fish, fruit, veggies, and whole-grains. Your skin will glow. If you have acne-prone skin, do a tea tree oil steam facial. The steam will open up your pores and the tea tree oil will help your acne disappear. Try going in the sauna occasionally as well. Make sure to wash your face with a cleanser made for your type of skin after doing a steam facial or taking a sauna. After washing your face, apply an oil free moisturizer. Though this may seem stupid, even if you're a teenager, add wrinkle cream. It sounds really stupid, but it makes your face glow.

--> For those areas that you remove hair, waxing lasts longer and usually works better. It is best to get waxing done at salons. Do not, however, wax your eyebrows as the skin on your face is very sensitive. Instead get them strung or plucked.

--> Consider going to a proper, expensive hairdresser. The extra money is worth it, and the products they use are much better quality. If you're not sure what hair cut looks good on you, ask your stylist what haircuts suit your face shape [i.e. round, oval, square, heart shaped].

--> Keep your nails looking nice. Get your nails done at least twice a month. If you cannot afford constant trips to the salon, do your nails at home. French manicures are not as hard to do as they seem. Keep your cuticles (the half-moon border of the finger to the nail) clean and clear by gently pushing back the cuticle with the cardboard shaft of a cotton swab or other such object. Don’t forget about your toes!

--> Always wash your hair. Keep it shiny and healthy-looking by using the right shampoos. Make sure to use conditioners and anti-frizz serums if you have frizz-prone hair. If you don't want or don't have time to shower in the mornings, shower the night before and do the styling in the morning. This way, you might still have time to take a quick shower with a shower cap (so you don't have to wash your hair). You can braid your hair while its still wet, which creates flirty waves the next morning, or you can straighten your hair. Brush through your hair and decide how you want to style it. Decide which styles flatter your face's shape the most, and which make you feel good.

--> Try your perfumes (if you have them), and see what makes you feel best. Also, you can try body lotions, or body splashes. Ones that tend to make people feel best are shimmery ones. If you do spray yourself with perfume, please do not overdo it. Spritz yourself once or twice on your wrist, rub that wrist onto the other wrist, and then onto your elbows and neck. That creates a hint of scent, which is sexy.

--> Take care of your lips. Use a medicated chapstick, and add lip gloss when appropriate.

--> Shoes with heels will make your legs look amazing; if those aren't possible, wear some funky tennis shoes.

--> Look at yourself in the mirror. What are your best features? Your legs? Your hair? Your mouth? Your shoulders? Now, think of ways you can enhance those features. For example, if you have great hair, wash it every other day to make it shinier. For long legs, make sure you shave everyday, so you can show off those legs in mini skirts or cool shorts (if the weather allows). For great shoulders or bone structure, you can wear shirts that show off those things, like halter tops.

--> Take a long, not-too-hot bath every night. It will help to relax you, so you will radiate happiness, and give you a great glow.

--> If you're ever feeling down about how you look, go out to dinner with a few of your friends. Good friends are there to listen, cheer you up, and keep you laughing.

--> If you're happy inside, it'll show up on the outside. Do things you enjoy --- go to a concert, wear purple shoes, play with puppies, whatever floats your boat!

--> Confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world. Embolden yourself! Keep your posture straight and your head up --- this creates the image that you know exactly who you are, what you want, and where you're going. Wear a different shade of eyeshadow. Re-decorate your room. Strike up conversations with strangers. Be bold, but don't be careless about it -- know your limits. Know that you are beautiful in your very own unique way, and that being pretty does not have to mean looking like everyone else.

--> Be yourself! Get over jealousy and comparisons to others. See what makes others look good. How do they accentuate the positive? How do they minimize or distract attention from their flaws?

--> Don't worry if you don't have a perfect figure or flawless skin. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes! And anyway, real beauty is what's on the inside.

--> If you keep a few black and white things in your wardrobe, you will always have something to go with your other coordinates.

--> Currently, eyebrows that are natural looking are in, but be sure to tweeze strays that go outside the hairline.

--> Do not overdo the glitter and/or makeup, otherwise you will look like a clown!

--> If you're younger, use more natural colors.

--> Don't pretend to be someone that you're really not! Being yourself is the greatest thing.

--> When you see yourself in the mirror see how beutifull you look,that will make you feel more confident about your self

--> Being pretty is something that every girl has inside them, and you need to be ready to show

--> Also remember that you should always look beautiful, not just for a boy, etc.

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